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So are you into recycling? I am…sort of.  First, I try to recycle it for myself. “It” being just about anything. That’s where it starts with my husband thinking I’m a hoarder. But remember, I am not, I’m a keeper of things. NOT a hoarder. Second, I try to see if someone I know can use it. Third, I see if I can donate it. Fourth, I might try to sell it but that’s not always easy. Time consuming and not possible sometimes if it’s just too far gone. Lastly, I throw it in the ttttttrrrrrrash. At that point, I try to make sure I throw it in the right place but by that time I just may be too worn out about it that it just goes in the general garbage.

And for the record, I hate plastic bags. They look so tacky. I know they want you to recycle those things for sure. I try to avoid them by using reusable bags at the grocery store but I kind of forget to take them. A lot. So I get stuck with all of those plastic bags because they only put two things in most of them. I try to sack my own groceries at the local store so I can put more in each bag but the guy won’t ever let me. So I end up with a bunch of tacky plastic bags. And I DO NOT recycle them. They go in the trash!!!!!

So it appears I’m not very good at recycling EXCEPT when it comes to the brown paper bag. I love those things. You can use them for all kind of things. When I was a kid, we used the big sturdy ones for our school book covers, a blank canvas, can’t beat that. You can use them for packing materials, you can put trash in them 🙂 , use them in gardening, all kind of things but most importantly you can wrap presents with them or make gift bags.  The thinner brown paper sacks work better for the gift bags. The ones you get when you buy wine are absolutely perfect. You can cut them in half and get two nice size gift bags with less work. I always have a stash of those. I have a stamping friend that comes over and tries to check my stash to see how many brown paper sacks I have. So I hid them.

The great thing about the sacks is that you can make your gift bag any size you want. The choices are unlimited.The little bag in the picture is tiny. I made it just big enough to hold three Hershey’s chocolate nuggets. It was so simple to make. And I like simple, especially when you have to make a whole lot of something. For information on how to make these cute little bags, just send me a note.

So the next time you get ready to throw out that brown paper bag, remember to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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My Project Supplies: Recycled brown paper sack, Calypso Coral Baker’s Twine, My favorite tiny “For You” sentiment from a long retired stamp set and the products shown below.

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